Kim Kardashian Sex Tape - The Fame Story plus Full Video

How it happened?

Kim Kardashian has everything: fame, family, love and sex tape. That's right! Exactly Kim K sex tape helped to her get the fame. It all began in 2007, when a tape surfaced featuring a young Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Ray J. While the Kim's video didn't leak online until 2007, (it was actually made in 2003) Kim and Ray J, a budding hip-hop star, were on vacation. The roughly 39-minute Kim Kardashian's sex tape going all out in the bedroom and, as far as video go, it didn't disappoint.

When the Kim Kardashian sex tape first surfaced, word spread like wildfire about it - and millions logged on to try and find it. Within weeks, Kim became a household name. The Kim Kardashian sex tape is certainly one of the most famous celebrity home video around, and what's interesting, is that before this video came out, Kim really wasn't an actual celebrity.

Who was Kim Kardashian previously?

Robert KardashianBefore, Kim K was just another socialite - the daughter of famed O.J. Simpson defense attorney Robert Kardashian. After Ray J? Her notoriety grew by leaps and bounds. Millions had either seen the their video in it's entirety, or heard enough details about it to join in the talk about it. And as a result? Kim Kardashian went from being a socialite to a celebrity, virtually overnight. Only in Hollywood could something like this happen!

Kim K sex tape and money

And the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape scandal was about to get bigger: Vivid Entertainment, one of the biggest adult video production companies in the world, had purchased the video from a "third party" for $1 million, with plans to distribute it in March of 2007. Kim Kardashian filed a lawsuit, claiming invasion of privacy, but she failed to stop the release of the DVD video, entitled "Kim Kardashian Superstar."

Kim Kardashian and Ray JIf the leaked version of Kim K and Ray J having sex did well viewership-wise, the official Vivid DVD release did even better: "Kim Kardashian Superstar" was seemingly everywhere. Once the official tape was released globally, Kim became an international sensation almost overnight, with sales in adult video stores and online going through the roof. Given the hype of the Kim video leak, that isn't surprising. Later Vivid released a new full version "Kim K Superstar. Part 2" for online.

Now that Kim was so famous from her and Ray J tape, would she see any money from it? Yes. In April of 2007, Kim Kardashian reached a lucrative settlement with Vivid Entertainment. How much did she get in exchange for dropping her lawsuit? Most reports say Kim got about $5 million in the settlement.

Kris Jenner, Kim's mother and now manager, says that looking back, it was a "devastating" and "embarrassing" time for the family, even after Kim settled out of court with Vivid. In classic Kardashian fashion, however, Kim's family rallied around her and somehow, Kim managed to come out of the this scandal even wealthier. In October of 2007, Kim and her family starred in the E! reality series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." The show was an overnight hit, buoyed by Kim's and Ray J scandal fame, no doubt.

The rest, as they say, is history: Today, Kim Kardashian is a household name - even to those who've never seen her sex video. Kim and her family recently signed a $40 million deal with E! for three more seasons of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." She's dating singer Kanye West, and living the celebrity dream - all because of a this video she made with a boyfriend on vacation.

Where to watch full video?

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